Saliya Garden comprises of two main buildings with twelve fully featured rooms, and four individual chalets with all the comforts of a home. The main dining area is divided into two sections where the upper floor houses the main sea food restaurant. Yes!! You did read that correctly, a main sea food restaurant in Anuradhapura where you can enjoy famous local Crab, Prawn and fish dishes. The resort also plans to setup a recreation room to complement the lovely pool that sits in the middle of the property.



The Kumbuk Tree, Terminalia Arjuna, plays an important role in the hotels’ eco theme and overall design. Kumbuk is a native tree commonly found in the dry zone of Sri Lanka well known for having roots that purify water. Guests will find many Kumbuk trees planted around the premises for aesthetic beauty as well as its water retention and purification properties. The hard wood flooring in each room is made of timber obtained from the Kumbuk Tree.

Getting to


Interested in staying at Hotel 4 U Saliya Garden? The hotel management is more than happy to arrange pickups from the Anuradhapura Central Bus Stand or the iconic Anuradhapura Railway Station. Otherwise, you can easily take a quick tuk tuk ride from the Anuradhapura City to arrive at the hotel. If you are driving, you need to turn off into Saliya Mawatha from the main Anuradhapura – Mihinthale road and follow the landmarks to make your way to the resort.