Saliya Garden – The Hotel 4 U is a quiet homely property in Anuradhapura. The hotel is hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the Anuradhapura city; despite being situated a mere 5-minute drive away from the main city. The hotel was incorporated in November 27, 2017 and expanding hence.

If you are a traveler visiting locations with archeological significance, traveling with your family to visit the eight iconic places of worship (Atamasthaana) or simply looking to enjoy a peaceful holiday enveloped to nature, Saliya Garden is the ideal place for you.

The name Saliya Garden gets its name due to an interesting event that dates back to ancient King Dutugemunu who reigned from 161 BC to 137 BC. The king had a young prince called Saliya who fell in love with a gypsy girl called Ashoka Mala at first sight. Since the king did not approve of such a union between a royal prince and a gypsy (low caste) girl, the prince was denied the right to the throne and was chased out to the very area the hotel is located. Hence the name Saliya Garden to the area.

Tourist Board approved SLTDA/SQA/GH/01541

The Founder

The Founder of this venture, Mr. Upali Kumarasinghe is also a philanthropist who has initiated several projects to help the needy. He spearheads a project to help the people who have cataracts to get their eye operations done free of charge and also to teach English to the needy students in Thirappane, a rural village in Anuradhapura. 


GTZ, German INGO 13 years, Spring of Life – community development, children’s help (A Director of the Board of Directors. Of the CSR project 2 years)


Hospitality Industry, Photography, Travel, Landscaping


India, Nepal, Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Netherland, Spain, UAE.